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Bittersweet moment

Bittersweet moment

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I gave Elaina a bunch of baby stuff tonight. Swing, sling, changing pad, breastfeeding pillow, clothes, toys, diaper genie. It's a relief to get rid of them but sad at the same time because I should be getting all that stuff ready for MY baby. Anyways, I am glad that I'm able to help them out and she's very excited to go home and set it all up for baby Landon.

I'm hanging on to the rocking chair and ottoman for now. I wanted one the entire time I was breastfeeding Aaron and didn't have one. After he weaned, we had one given to us. I had plans of feeding my new baby in that chair. I don't loan out anything that I would be upset if I didn't get it back. I'm not sure how I'd handle it if anything happened to that rocking chair so I'm hanging on to it for now.
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